The Way of MuayFit

I developed “Muayfit”

as a regime of physical and mental conditioning for combat sports. Over a number of years, I have honed a method which I believe to be superb for developing speed, endurance, power, and agility. Using careful attention to the clock, with proper rest periods in between workouts, my MuayFit method will give you the ability to switch and adapt at quicker rates. If you’re interested in a more intense method, you can try my online MuayFit sessions, which are sent out by link via Zoom three times a week. These 60-minute workout videos offer fresh material every time, so you can get the most out of your training. I have extrapolated MuayFit over a period of 7 weeks: 6 weeks of slowly-hardening practicing followed by a week of regression.

I’m fully confident that my method will excellently supplement your regular martial arts training. I’m passionate to share it with the world, to bring it to the next level!

MuayFit takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists.

MuayFit works on all major muscle groups in a single session, with alternating focus on one muscle group, then another.

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